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Soul Eater crossover by RaeandBB2000 Soul Eater crossover :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 8 3 My First Drawing of May by RaeandBB2000 My First Drawing of May :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 1 1
Guardian Meets Titan Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Tomorrow's but a Day Away
"So what happened to your arm?" Robin asked Rasati. She was still marveling at her healed arm. She looked up at him and sighed. "It's kind of a long story," she answered. She felt Lilia grab her arm and trace her fingers over the ghost of her sister's gash.
"You guys sure have a lot of long stories," Cyborg said from the end of the table. He glanced over at Kuea who was finishing up the fries. Man, that girl could eat!
"That's because as members of Arc Aile, we have a lot of missions, and along with those missions come adventures!" Cisqua said happily.
"So what's the story of your injured arm?" asked Starfire.
Rasati looked at the rest of her group before starting. "Before we came here, we got in a huge fight with an Edel Hunter. We came here to hide from him."
"Edel Hunter? People hunt Edel Raids? To. . .kill them?" Robin asked, disgusted.
"You're half-right. Edel Hunter's hunt Edel Raids, but not to kill them. It's to sell them," Rowen said.
:iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 3 1
New Team errrr Flock
A tree branch whacked me in the face as I failed to duck. This forest was dense with plant life and wasn't the best place to fo for a morning jog. Or in my case, running for your life.
An Eraser jumped down in front of me, claws readt to slit my throat. Just the usual. No surprise there. Unfortunately for him, I just didn't have the time nor was I in the mood to engage in combat so I just ran him over. With how angry I was, that wasn't a problem. The only problem was when he grabbed my ankle after I was a few feet past himn, causing me to fall. I felt a seering pain in my ribs from a stick on the ground.
The Eraser began to pull me forward, the back of my head hittting rocks and twigs. He had a malicious grin on his face, an evil glint in his eye. Same old, same old.
I grabbed the stick that had stabbed me and hit him on the head with it. The stick was very large, so all it did was stun him. That was all I needed.
Gripping the stick firmly, I stabbed his eye. He immediately let go of m
:iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 5 3
Missing Chapter of FANG
"Max? Isn't there another way to do this?"
We were standing on the roof, looking out at the canyons. The wind warmed the night, making it perfect for flying.
"Yes, but this is the most effective." If you were plummeting to the ground at a tremendous speed and your only option was to fly, wouldn't you? Even if you didn't know how? I thought so.
He crouched down and peered over the edge. "This is too high for me."
"We could go higher if you want," I suggested. I suppressed a laugh as his face paled, almost matching his Colgate perfect teeth.
He stood up abruptly. "No. This is. . .fine."
"Good. Now, I'm going to push you off and you have to whip out your wings as soon as your feet leave the roof. Then you start flapping."
He nodded. His turquoise eyes scanned the ground as if it would morph into a monster hungry for hunky bird kids like him. Wait. I never said that.
"You ready?" I asked. My hand was on his back, positioned to send him toppling over the edge. He grabbed it, holding on for
:iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 6 13
Shark Attack by RaeandBB2000 Shark Attack :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 9 4 Avoid the Naughty List by RaeandBB2000 Avoid the Naughty List :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 7 4 Jade's Hair by RaeandBB2000 Jade's Hair :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 0 6 Alice in Wonderland by RaeandBB2000 Alice in Wonderland :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 28 4
Private Room
Cyborg and Beast Boy were arguing over what to make for lunch in loud voices while Raven was meditating at the window. At least, she was trying to.
"I'm telling you! Barbeque chicken is the way to go!" Cyborg screamed. He went into the fridge and got out some uncooked chicken legs and a bottle of barbeque sauce. He smiled, satisfied at the disgusted look on his vegetarian teammate's face. The poor boy looked like he might throw up any second. Cyborg waved the plate of raw chicken under Beast Boy's nose. "Delicious, isn't it?" he taunted.
Beast Boy scrunched up and nose and shoved the plate away. "How can you eat that stuff? It used to be a living and breathing creature!" He crossed his arms and refused to look at his friend as he got out a pot and filled it with water from the tap.
"Yeah, you're right," Cyborg agreed. Beast Boy's ears perked up in high hopes that maybe Cyborg was having second thoughts. He looked over his shoulder to see that the part-robotic teen had a sobered look on
:iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 128 31
LOVE on her arms by RaeandBB2000 LOVE on her arms :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 4 0 Technically. . . by RaeandBB2000 Technically. . . :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 16 5 Anything but the cake by RaeandBB2000 Anything but the cake :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 9 6 Alice WIP by RaeandBB2000 Alice WIP :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 1 3 Terra  and Rae Lineart Colored by RaeandBB2000 Terra and Rae Lineart Colored :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 71 6 Random Girl in a Swimsuit by RaeandBB2000 Random Girl in a Swimsuit :iconraeandbb2000:RaeandBB2000 13 1

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Mainly consists of Teen Titans and a certain couple I ship *cough* RaexBB *cough* :D


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Artist | Literature
United States
Name: Corvus
Age: That is classified information that cannot be revealed unless you want ice cream to taste like muffins. . .stale muffins.
Gender: Girl (I thought you would've figured that out by now)
Location: Sometimes, even I don't know
Obsessions: Teen Titans, Vampires, Facebook, DevArt, music, Elemental Gelade and role playing.
Couples I ship for:
Teen Titans-RaexBB, StarxRob, CyxBumBee, CyxSarasum & RaexMal/Rorek
House of Night-ZoeyxKalona, DariusxAprho, Stevie RaexRephaim (I know it's weird but I like it)
Elemental Gelade-RowenxKuea, RowenxViro, CouxViro, GrayartsxCocovet, & RenxCou
9-5x9, 9x7, 9x6, 1x2, 2x5, 2x9, 5x6, and semi-1x8
Maximum Ride- FangxMax
Cross-overs-WilxVi, FangxRaven
Occupation: Writing
Likes: Writing, reading, computer, music, texting
Dislikes and pet peeves: School, chores, parents, when you can tell someone's lying but won't tell you so, crappy stories, hypocrites, people who diss my kind of music, people calling you emo just because of your clothing style =_=, when someone who says they need you, tell you to forget it once you get up, and right after you sit back down say they need you again.
Best Friend: :icongrrssness: :meow:
Thoughts: Random and perverted.
Favorite Song (this will change frequently): Forever-Savage Genius (Elemental Gelade theme), Missing - Evanescence, Lies - Evanescence, Move Your Body - Eiffel 65, Dam Dadi Doo - Nightcore, S My D - Blood on the Dance Floor, Sexting - Blood on the Dance Floor, Caramelldansen - Caramell, Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas, Meddle - Little Boots, Shut Up - Nick Lachey, Rock That Body - Black Eyed Peas, Agni Kai, The Last Agni Kai account:
Favorite Icon: :iconmannyplz: IT'S MANNY!!!!…

Current Residence: Trapped within the depths of my mind. . .and I love it XD
Favourite genre of music: metal, rock, gothic rock, alternative
Favourite style of art: fan art
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano (5th generation)
Wallpaper of choice: fan art or anything dark and morbid
Favourite cartoon character: Kuea, Ren, Cisqua, Rasati, Cou, Rowen, Lillia, Viro, Tilel and Raven
Personal Quote: "Blink. Fail. Coma. Die." & "Ch-whaaaaat?"

Hope you guys watch me there! ;)
  • Listening to: My Star - Black*Star and Tsubaki voice actors
  • Reading: Soul Eater fanfics
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: my iPod
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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