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November 7, 2009
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"Beast Boy!"
Raven stormed into the common room. She was holding one of her books by the corner of the cover. It was covered in slobber and torn in multiple places.
"Can you please explain this?" she asked. She shook it in his face, making sure she had his attention. Paper shreddings fell onto the floor.
Beast Boy looked at the destroyed book then Raven's angry face.
"Funny story about that actually. Silky got kinda hungry and found your book. I'm guessing you know the rest." He shrugged his shoulders and shyly smiled.
Raven glared at him. "Not very funny to me."
"That's because you don't have a sense of humor."
Raven rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You will pay for my book."
"Ok. How much?" The green-skinned teen started digging through his pocket.
Beast Boy froze. "All for a little book? I don't have that much. How about $2 and some lint?" He held out the contents of his pocket.
"Nice try. I'll keep it on your tab. Speaking of paying for my destroyed things, you owe me for all my potions." She put her hand on her hip while her other hand still held the demolished book.
"How much is that?"
"If you add it all together, $500."
"That will take forever to pay off!" Beast Boy whined.
"Then I suggest you get started." Raven threw the book in the trash and walked out of the room.
The Titans were all curled up on the couch and wrapped in blankets, except for Cyborg. Starfire and Robin were sharing a blanket and drinking hot chocolate while Raven drank tea. They were watching the snow fall silently outside.
"Hey. You know what this means, right?" Beast Boy asked. A devilish grin spread across his face.
"What?" Cyborg asked.
"Snowball fight! Tomorrow! Everyone. Including Raven," he said. He glanced over at the violet-haired beauty while she sipped her tea.
"I will not participate in childish activities such as snowball fights," she said and took another sip of tea.
"C'mon Raven! Have some fun for once in your life! We all know you want to!" Beast Boy whined.
Raven sighed heavily. "If you leave me alone, I'll play tomorrow. But only for a little while."
"Yes!" Beast Boy cheered and high-fived Cyborg.
"Please. Tell me more about this fight for the balls of snow. Are they some what valuable?" Starfire asked. Even though it was an open question, Robin answered it. As usual.
"No, Star. Snow isn't very valuable at all."
"Then why must we pay for the cones of snow?" she asked. A confused expression appeared on her face.
"Snow cones are made of crushed ice and flavored syrup. They're sold for the, uh, producers to make money."
"Oh. But still, what about the fight over non-valuable balls of snow? It doesn't make sense."
"There isn't a fight over a snowball. It's like the weapon. You mold the snow with your hands into a ball and throw it at someone else for fun. Then, you have to avoid the ones they throw at you," Robin explained. He smiled. The Boy Wonder loved explaining things to his alien girlfriend. It was what he lived for.
"Oh! It sounds so wonderful! I cannot wait until tomorrow!" Starfire started to jump in her seat.
"Well, goodnight. I've gotta get up early to meditate. Especially with headache I'm going to have tomorrow," Raven said. It hurt her head just thinking about it. She walked out of the room.
"Yeah. I guess it's time we all go to bed. Night team," Robin said as he got off the couch. He walked out of the room with Starfire close behind.
"Night, BB. Oh, and let me remind you, I'm going to kick your ass tomorrow," Cyborg gloated.
Beast Boy snorted. "In your dreams."
The next day, they all walked outside to find inches of snow piled on the ground. The sunlight made it glisten and sparkle. It wasn't too hard or too soft. Perfect for a snowball fight.
Cyborg clapped his hands. "Let's get this show on the road!" he shouted.
Starfire was jumping up and down. "Yes! Let us fight with the balls of snow now!" Robin laughed at her eagerness.
Beast Boy looked around. "Anyone seen Raven?" he asked.
"Oh yes. Our friend, Raven, said she was getting ready for the fight," Starfire answered.
The changling nodded. "Ok. I'm going to go tell her to hurry up." He ran inside the tower and up to Raven's room. He skidded to a stop outside her door and knocked. "Raven! Get your ass out here! It's time for the snowball fight!"
"I'm coming," she mumbled from inside her room.
"You better be," he said sternly. I'm not letting you skip the fight." He crossed his arms and waited for Raven to come out. 'I don't care if I have to drag her. She's going to fight outside with us,' he thought.
The door opened revealing a tired and annoyed looking Raven.
"I'm not actually the one to ask you this," Raven paused. "Scratch that. I'm not usually the one to ask anybody this, but," she sighed, "how do I look?"
Beast Boy looked her up and down. She was wearing a long, black coat that trailed to her knees with blue stripes going up the sides and blue buttons securing it. Her gloves were made of leather and were a solid black, but oulined her hands, making them look graceful. She wasn't wearing any special winter sweats like Starfire was wearing. Just plain denim jeans that tucked into her leather black boots with blue zippers. He looked back up to her neck, where a black scarf with blue trimmings wrapped around it. The green-skinned teen looked at her head where a pair of earmuffs rested. They were black with blue pokla dots. 'Is all she wears is blue and black?' he thought. Finally, he looked at her face, which was beautifully framed by her purple hair. Her eyes were big and round and her mouth was a straight line, impatiently waiting for an answer. All of that in one sentence, she was a gothic snow angel. Not that he'd ever let her know that.
"You look fine," he said. He couldn't say anything else without letting her know what he really thought.
"Oh. Okay," she said. Disappointment flashed across her face, but disappeared quickly. She grabbed Beast Boy's wrist. "Let's get this over with. I didn't dress like this for show," she said as she dragged him along.
Beast Boy yanked his arm away from her grasp. "You don't have to hold my hand. I'm not a toddler."
Raven looked back at him. "The way you act around here makes that hard to believe," she said fiercely.
"Why do you always have to be so mature? You're a kid! Stop being so mysterious and distant! We're all fed up with your shit! Act your age for once!" he yelled.
"You know why I can't do that!" she yelled back. She stood there for a few seconds before turning around and walking out to the snowy wonderland.
This story came to me while I was listening to music in the car. And as soon as I got home, I started writing. I've finally decided to submit it. I've already written a few other chapters but they're all scattered. I have part of the 2nd one so that one should be coming real soon.

You may be asking, "Why is she starting another series when she needs to finish another one?"

Part of my explanation has already been said. And I'm working on Part 10 people! Give me some space! I've got most of it done I just need to fill in a few spaces. Ok. So please stop asking me when I'm going to finish it. I'm no super writer.

Anyways, hope you enjoy. And trust me. . .it's gonna get good.

Whole story based on the song I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.
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