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December 26, 2009
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"Oh, Raven! It is so wonderful you could join us!" Starfire exclaimed as Raven walked outside. She was lying on the ground next to Robin. "Robin was just showing me how to make the angels of snow!" She laughed as Robin sprinkled snow on her face. "It is most fun! Would you like to make an angel of snow?"
"No thanks. I barely want to do this snowball fight. I'm ready to walk inside right now." 'A book and some herbal tea by the fire sounds nice,' she thought.
Cyborg walked over to Raven's side. He put his hand on her shoulder. "Why not just sit and watch?" He smiled.
Before she could reply, a voice behind them said, "She's not backing out of this fight."
They all turned to see Beast Boy in the door. He didn't look angry, as Raven thought he would. But he did look tense. 'I wonder how much that fight affected him,' Raven thought.
She wasn't the only one who noticed his bad mood vibes. Cyborg seemed to, too. "Chillax, BB. You know Raven. Let her sit out for awhile."
"No," Raven spoke up. "I want to get this over with as quickly as possible."
"Well, let's get started!" Beast Boy shouted. He pushed past Raven and hid behind one of the snow covered rocks.
Starfire jumped off the ground, dragging Robin with her. "Let us hide like Beast Boy!" she said to him and took off running. Robin looked at Raven and Cyborg, shrugged, and ran after her.
Cyborg looked at Raven. "You really don't have to do this. Don't take crap from him. He's been in a bad mood lately."
Raven didn't look at him. 'Lately? So this isn't the first time? Or maybe it was about what he said.' His words rang in his ears. 'Why do you always have to be so mature? Stop being so mysterious and distant. We're all fed up with your shit! You're a kid! Act your age for once!' She wanted to tell Cyborg about their fight. He was like a big brother to her. He'd even call her "lil' sis" a few times. But she never told him about her fights with Beast Boy before. This one wasn't any different, even though it felt different. Instead she said, "Nah. The main reason I agreed to this was to chuck snowballs at Beast Boy's head." An immediate image of Beast Boy being attacked by snowballs filled Raven's head.
Cyborg laughed. "Now you're in the spirit. Here's a little tip. Be on your guard at all times. You never know when a snowball's gonna be chucked at you." He winked and ran off, leaving giant footprints in the snow.
Raven was finally alone. She wished it would stay that way. But she had to be on her guard at all times, just like Cyborg said. She put up a shield just in time to see a snowball bounce off of it. She looked around to see the source of the snowball, and found a pink fluffy hat poking above a rock. Its owner giggled.
The Azarithian bent down, feeling protected by her dome-like shield, and scooped up some snow and molded it into a snowball. As she straightened up, Starfire jumped up from the rock and threw a snowball at Raven's shield. Knowing this was her chance, she quickly took down her protection and threw the snowball at her pink-hatted friend. It hit her in the chest making Starfire giggle more.
Robin popped up from behind a rock next to Starfire's ('Is it possible for them to be apart?' Raven thought.) and threw a small snowball at Raven. Not having much time to put up another shield, she dodged it, and almost ran into another snowball.
'Who's the culprit now?' she thought. She put up her dome-like shield, just in case and looked around for the person behind this snowball. She finally saw Cyborg who was out in the open, not giving a care as it seemed. He winked at her and she laughed.
She scooped up some more snow and formed a snowball to throw at Cyborg. She heard a snowball bounce off her shield but ignored it. She took down her fort long enough to throw the snowball and quickly put it back up. Another snowball hit her shield, this one from Robin. She was being ambushed. Why weren't they attacking each other? She felt singled out.
"No fair! You can't use your powers!" Beast Boy cried from behind her. He came running to them to join the ambush.
"Give her a break man!" Cyborg yelled. "At least she's in the fight, even though she didn't want to." Raven smiled. She could always count on Cyborg to back her up.
"Well, no one else is using any of their powers!" the green-skinned teen shot back.
Raven looked around at all her friends. He was right. She was the only one using advantages. Everyone else was playing fair. She took down her shield reluctantly.
"You don't have to give into him, Rae. You're already in the fight," Cyborg said.
"It's fine. If it shuts him up, then I'll gladly do it." She took off running towards the edge of the island on which their tower was built. What else was she supposed to do? Stand there and get pelted by snowballs? She looked back to see if anyone had followed. Only Beast Boy. Raven sighed. What was up with him? Cyborg's words came back to her. "He's been in a bad mood lately." That means it wasn't her fault if he was in a bad mood before the fight. Was it? She shook the thought from her head and kept running.
She reached the very edge of the island and scooped up some snow and molded it into a sloppily made snowball. She turned around to throw it but a snowball hit her in the face. Then everything was a blur. She dropped her snowball in surprise and lost balance. The Azarithian fell backwards and hit her head on a rock, knocking her out cold. Raven tumbled into the water.
"Raven!" Beast Boy screamed. He ran to catch her but was too late. She had already fallen in. He had to save her. There wasn't any time to warn the others. He quickly transformed into a dolphin and jumped in.
Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin came running down the hill. "What happened?" Starfire asked nervously. They both shrugged.
'It's cold in here!' Beast Boy thought. It felt like it was made of ice instead of water. Plus, it was really dark except for the few rays of sun shining at the surface. He kept swimming though, frantically looking for his unconscious friend. Not having any luck, he used sonar. He tried many times and locations, but to no avail. Finally he found her. He swam to her body as fast as his fins would let him. He reached his friend and making sure she was firmly on his back, carried her out of the water.
The changeling arrived at the surface to see the rest of his friends on the shore. He flopped Raven on the beach and transformed into a dog to shake the water off.
"Hey! Watch where you're splashing!" Cyborg yelled. He picked up Raven in his metal arms. "We need to get her to the infirmary."
"What happened?" Starfire asked worriedly, only to be ignored.
"There's no time," Beast Boy said. "Put her down."
Cyborg hesitated. "B, I really think-"
"Just put her down!" he demanded. "If she dies, I won't be able to live with myself because this is all my fault!"
"Okay, okay." Cyborg put her down and backed away. "Just don't do anymore damage."
Beast Boy ignored him. He looked at Raven's white face. It blended in with the ground. Her hair was now a dark purple instead of its light violet. It contrasted with her snow white skin. It clung to her pale face. She wasn't breathing. Maybe she was dead. Maybe trying to save her was useless. 'No! Don't think like that!' Beast Boy thought. He unwrapped her scarf which was clinging tightly to her neck. He bent down to perform CPR but hesitated. 'Raven would kill me if she knew I was doing this. But if I don't, she won't live to kill me.' He bent the rest of the way and began performing CPR. He came back up and pushed on her chest. "C'mon, Raven! Live!" he whispered. He breathed into her again, making her chest rise and fall. Was it working? He pressed on her chest three more times.
Losing hope, he was ready to give up. He kept pressing on her chest anyway. 'Don't leave us, Raven. Don't leave me,' Beast Boy thought. 'One more breath,' he decided. He bent down one last time and blew as much air into her as his lungs would allow. Nothing. Warm tears thawed his face. Hopefully he was still wet. He could blame it on that. But hell, if Raven died, did it really matter if he looked tough? Would anyone care if he started bawling?
The body underneath him started to cough. He looked down to see his drenched friend gasping for air. Her eyes fluttered open staring up at him. He breathed a sigh of relief and heard three more behind him.
Raven's hand flew up to her forehead. "My head," she complained. "I have a major headache." She sat up clutching her head. "What happened?"
"I'll explain later," Cyborg said. He picked her up off the ground. "Right now, we need to make sure you're okay." He started to walk towards the tower.
"I would argue, but my head's throbbing and breathing's painful," she said quietly. She closed her eyes and started coughing. "Ow."
First, they arrived at Raven's room. "I think you should change into something  warm and dry," Cyborg suggested. Raven nodded as Cyborg put her down and went inside her room. Cyborg stayed outside and leaned on the wall.
Inside Raven's room, she quickly disposed off her drenched apparel and walked over to her closet in search of something more comfortable. She took out some gray sweatpants and a navy blue tank top (A/N: Really, Rae? In this weather?) and combed her soaked hair. She walked outside to find Cyborg playing solitaire on his arm (A/N: Wouldn't that be cool? ^.^)
They walked to the infirmary and Raven laid down on one of the beds. After making sure she was comfortable, he headed over to the machinery. "We need to check you out for hypothermia or if there's too much water in your lungs. We don't need to risk you dying from dry drowning. Also, we need to check for a concussion," he said. He picked up some wires lying on the table and walked over to Raven. "I'm just going to hook you up with these wires and start testing," he told her, almost as if asking it was alright. Raven merely nodded.
Cyborg started to attach the wires to various parts of her body. Arms, legs, chest, back, etc. Raven turned to face him. "Do you think we're in here too much?"
The half-robotic teen laughed. "We're super heroes. What do you expect? That we're invincible? We're not that good." He shook his head. "If only we were, though."
"Am I in here because I'm a super hero?" she asked fiercely. When her friend didn't answer she said, "Am I?"
Cyborg looked at her face, which was covered in patches connected to wires. She looked quite funny actually. But if he ever said that, he'd be the one worrying about a concussion. Her eyes dared him to say yes. He slowly shook his head.
"No. I'm not. I'm in here because of him!" she yelled. She didn't want to say Beast Boy's name, but Cyborg still knew who she was talking about.
"Rae, it was an accident. He didn't mean to do that," he said calmly. He walked back over to the monitor. "You should've seen him when you were unconscious. He was going berserk." He smiled.
Raven was unfazed. "He felt guilty."
Cyborg turned around. "Why was BB seriously tense earlier, before the fight? He hasn't been that bad all week. He was fine before he left to get you," he said accusingly, changing the subject.
The empathy froze. 'He knows,' she thought. She turned her head the other way and stayed silent.
"So you know something," he said. His expression softened. "You can tell me."
She shook her head. "It's no big deal," she said unconvincingly. "Just another one of our daily arguments."
Cyborg rolled his human eye and crossed his arms. "I know better lil' sis," he said, using his nickname for her. "BB wasn't the only one in a bad mood."
"I don't want to talk about it," she said softly. She didn't even want to think about it. She closed her eyes and wiped all thoughts from her mind and let the humming of the machines lull her to sleep.
Chapter 2 is finally finished. I'm working on chapter 3. . .sorta. I don't really have ideas except for the 1st part. And it's not even that great of an idea. If anyone has any ideas or requests for the next chapter (or any part of the story for that matter), do not hesitate to tell me. I don't care how you tell me either. Just let me know you're actually interested in my story.

Song that inspired me to write this series:

I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
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